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I was always taught that "hurt people hurt people" ... Well, later on in life I realized that the inverse of that must also be true; that "better people Better People". -- In other words, as we improve so do our relationships, our confidence, our sense of self ...and our happiness!

From the tough neighborhoods of Baltimore and Jacksonville to becoming one of America's premier Emotional Intelligence Trainers, Rodney C. Burris's journey is one of resilience and triumph. Raised single-handedly by a resilient mother amidst challenges such as substance abuse, homelessness, poverty, and domestic abuse, Rodney's story is one of remarkable perseverance.

Undeterred by the hardships, Rodney successfully pursued his education, earning a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and a master's in Nonprofit Management from Capella University.

His incredible journey and dedication to overcoming adversity have fueled his passion to help others. He uses his expertise to support numerous organizations with their team-building initiatives, communication enhancement, data analysis, and program development. His engaging workshops and seminars have gained wide acclaim, not only across the United States, but globally.

His extensive portfolio of satisfied clients includes powerhouses like Fiat-Chrysler Corporation, the Federal Department of Education, and the Washington DC Business District. In addition to his hands-on training, Rodney has authored a best-selling book on emotional intelligence, topping Amazon's charts in three categories.

Always enthusiastic, Rodney's mantra is, "LET ME HELP YOUR TEAM OVER ACHIEVE!" His commitment to helping others reach their full potential is as unwavering as his own journey towards success.

Find out more about Rodney and his work and follow him @RodneyCBurris on all platforms (including TikTok) for regular updates. #rodneycburris

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