Do you fear change? 

There are many people out there that do, and it would not be surprising if you are one of them.  If you are, does it stop you doing things that will improve you and your family’s life? 

The two things to consider about it, is whether it is the change or the fear that stops you doing anything.

We all have the ability to make changes in our lives so that we can live a more fulfilled life and this can be in any and all aspects of our lives such as jobs, careers, relationships, health, to name a few.  Many people are happy with their lives, not wanting to push themselves, however, there are a select few who want more from life and these people strive to make changes that will greatly improve how they live.

I have found that at some point, everyone will want to make a change in their life, and it is only when our personal desire to make these changes is greater than our desire to stay the same, do these changes manifest, it is at this point that people sometimes get stuck as they have a fear of how to make the changes.  

These fears that they have, all come from what we’ve learned and experienced during our life.  With only two innate fears we’re born with, that of falling and that of loud sounds, all of the fears that we have are developed during our life, either learning from others or experiencing them ourselves.

These fears about changing our lives can be fueled by what we’ve experienced in the past and by what people say and how they treat us, including our parents and our friends in their aim to protect us from what they in turn fear and these can be educational and social constraints and barriers.  

An example of how fear is created is when a person is young, and they have an incident with water.  This instills a fear of being in water, which leads to them not learning to swim.  With them not being able to swim they see more danger in water than if they could swim, and so the fear is compounded.  However, this fear can be overcome in different ways, usually by being exposed to the fear that has been developed, but not alone. In the case of the fear of water, the person can take swimming lessons, where they will have someone to help them overcome their fear in a safe environment where they’re able to face the fear and be supported by someone who understands what they’re feeling and has the knowledge to help them learn.

The same is true when it comes to the fear of change that we have developed over time for whatever reason, if we can find a teacher, a mentor, or a coach who has made the changes you would like to make, like changing career, learning, new skills, becoming healthier, they are able to assist you and help you conquer the fear of changing, allowing you to blossom into something you aspire to be.  

Facing your fears is never easy, no matter what they are, but it has been seen by exposure to your fears, with the help of someone to guide and nurture you on the journey, helps you make the transition.  It is only when you have conquered your fear, that you are able to change your life for the better, for you and your family, that you are able to fully enjoy and experience a more fulfilled life.

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