Is your life in balance? 

Everyone hears about work life balance nowadays and its relevance in society.  I’m currently outside having a bit of a break to keep my work life balance good. Many people don’t understand the balance that is needed within life and they focus on one part of their life to the detriment of others.

There are seven parts of life that need to be balanced to give us a good quality of life. 

Health and Fitness – Not just physical fitness,  but also mental wellbeing too. 

Wealth and Finance – The way we save our money and invest our money. 

Wisdom and Knowledge – From the day we’re born to the day we die, we’re learning something new. 

Relationship – Whether these are business relationships, personal relationships, family relationships or sexual relationships, they are very important parts of our life as humans. 

Business, Career and Jobs – This is how we earn the money so that we can have wealth and finance. 

Leadership – This is an authority that is given to us by our reputation to other people.

Spirituality – This is the quality of the concern on the human spirit.

When I was younger, I worked away, which meant I didn’t have as much time with my children and family.

When I started my law degree I was concerned about learning and I let my health and fitness slip and I went up to 20 stone. I’m now down to fifteen and a half because I’ve got balance in my life.

To get a complete overall balance is not easy. No one ever says it is.

It’s hard to balance everything in life, but it is possible, and the quality of life that you will get, having everything in balance is amazing.

I hope you have found this useful and informative

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