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November 2023:


Gary Marcus Judge

A seasoned Professional Business Coach and Mentor.


Gary excels in empowering business professionals to enhance their communication, meet goals and elevate their businesses to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.


If you’re ready to take your business savvy to the next level, Gary is your ideal guide.


Dive into success and learn more about his transformative coaching at The Life Coaching Cafe.


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Do You Procrastinate?

Do You Procrastinate?

Do you sometimes struggle to get things started? 

You’re not the only one as there are many people out there who suffer with the same issue.  

We get an idea of something that we need or want to do, we think about how we’re going to do it, and we come up with a great plan, but we don’t act on that plan.  This is called procrastination. 

What is that? I hear you ask, well, it’s where we delay or postpone doing a set of tasks and this prevents us from following through on what we’ve set out to do.  We all procrastinate at some time or another.  

I have been procrastinating about doing this video as I’ve been thinking about what to say, but feeling I want to say more and that I can refine it to be better and it doesn’t matter because I’ve got lots of time to get it done, then I realised I have not done it.

Do You Fear Change?

Do You Fear Change?

Do you fear change? 

There are many people out there that do, and it would not be surprising if you are one of them.  If you are, does it stop you doing things that will improve you and your family’s life? 

The two things to consider about it, is whether it is the change or the fear that stops you doing anything.

We all have the ability to make changes in our lives so that we can live a more fulfilled life and this can be in any and all aspects of our lives such as jobs, careers, relationships, health, to name a few.  Many people are happy with their lives, not wanting to push themselves, however, there are a select few who want more from life and these people strive to make changes that will greatly improve how they live.

Can You Really Multitask?

Can You Really Multitask?

You hear all the time how people can multitask and get more things done. Actually, this is not entirely true. We don’t believe it is even possible to multitask…

We can, however, do multiple tasks in the same timeframe, but this is by concentrating on an individual task until it’s complete and then moving on to another. 

Please let me explain.  

If we try to multitask, say, two things at the same time, like talking on the phone and writing a document and I think most of us have tried this at some point in our lives, our brain is constantly switching between listening to the person on the phone, making sense of what they’re saying and what we’re thinking about writing down and actually writing it down.